The Wagram is an up to 40 metre high, elongated terrace that extends downstream from Krems alongside the left and right banks of the Danube River. The name Wagram is derived from the word Wogen-Rain, which roughly means “boundary of the Wogen (riverbanks)”.

The Wagram first came into being through marine sediments and later through erosion and sedimentation processes of the primordial Danube during the Ice Age. Especially on the northern side, the “Wagramkante” (Wagram ridge) today forms a steep terrace that is visible from afar and comprised of these primordial sediments – glacial loess.

Since 2007, this incisive range of hills with its fertile soils has also given the “Wagram” wine-growing region alongside the Danube its official name.

Several very special autochthonous varieties flourish on the mighty layers of loess which are up to 15 metres thick. However, primarily Grüne Veltliner – variety-typical and developed in highest quality – wonderful Riesling wines reminiscent of Burgundy, aromatic varieties such as Gelbe Muskateller, but also red wine varieties which prefer cooler conditions, are truly important.

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